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At Consults in Wellness, our focus is on determining what your body needs to achieve optimal health. Take a look at the next few slides. If you have any of these concerns about your well-being, we can help.
I want to make a change, but I feel stuck.
You are not alone in your frustration. Our staff and health restoration programs support your progress from consultation to resolution.
What diet is right for me?
You are unique. Focused on whole foods, we'll create the most effective nutrition and eating plan targeted to you and your body.
Everything is out of control and I cannot think straight.
Too much stress overload? Let's get you grounded and ready to take on healthy living.
How do I keep my emotions in check and avoid bad eating decisions?
Stress, emotions and food are interrelated. Balance is key. Master both and find your balance with our wellness plans.
Let Us Introduce Ourselves
Meet our practitioners and our staff

Consults in Wellness is refreshing. Keep up the good work! You are changing people's health and mine. I can't thank you enough for finally pointing out that I have pre-diabetes. It was on my labs for years and never discussed.